Gunjan Goswami

Gunjan Goswami Based out of Mumbai (India), I'm a self-driven artist, though I'm a certified Jewellery Designer frbom GJEPC India who's done Jewellery Designing professionally till about seven years back. At that time I represented Jatin Gems (Jaipur) at GJEPC Expositions across India for 5 years in a row. Motherhood made me take a break & recently i've started doing motifs & designs which can be printed on various products like tops, bags, T-shirts, Gift Boxes, Coasters, Table tops etc. I also do Paintings on canvass as I am completely captivated by art. Whether just for my own enjoyment or for private commission, I love to use my brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness. In my life drawing, I also love to explore mark making - building up my drawing with a complex pattern of marks and varied line. From time to time I vary my subject matter with a landscape or some equestrian art & creativity remain my true obsession.

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