It’s the holidays and you want to actually surprise your child with something he or she wants, something they asked for until they could ask no longer. And you want to make it big. You might be asking though how big? How about as big as your budget allows but that is still relevant to what your child asked for.

How to find out exactly what they want?

If your child believes in Santa, or elves, or however they think they get their gifts, sit down with them one early day and have them write up their letter. Help them with it. But be prepared for this with something that is truly their own, like their own stationary to write to the giver of gifts. At a young age children have their favorite characters and such, and making the paper reflect, who they are is really imperative and helps them to feel special. So once they write the letter, get to work parents.

Making the dream happen

Every child seems to get a surprise Disney Trip. But regardless of where you go make sure it’s important to them. So if you do go with Disney you can start out by getting the matching luggage tags and a backpack and other items. I would start with this. Once you have learned what or who their favorite character is, start early. Little surprises here and there. Maybe one day they get a water bottle with their favorite character on it. Not so soon or far away try something else like a backpack and you can always say it’s for school or because they feel like a big kid.

From there it can get more detailed like a phone case with their favorite person (if they have a phone or an iPod touch or iPad). Once you have reached the final countdown, meaning a few days before, start packing like you are going to a family member’s house for the weekend. Pack a suitcase and give them a luggage tag with all their information, one that is specifically made for them to put on. And then you can have prepared a shirt that states “we are going to Disney” or something way cooler than that, but something that they will have to read to understand. Let them know it’s their last gift before the holiday they are getting, and let them open it.

Be prepared with a camera, either a real or one on your phone. There will be tears maybe (from you or them), there will be screaming and laughter, a whole range of emotions that no one can predict. Children are funny that way. But make sure that when you do it you save it, because it will be worth it. Just know that every child has a different idea as to what is important and who they like, so follow their lead, listen to their dreams and hopes as to what they want, and take it from there. can help you achieve the perfect surprise holiday trip for your child. It will be a memory to last a lifetime.