Owing to the recent e-solutions and trends that are taking over the world today, merchandising is the latest piece of cake in the plates of leading brands on this planet. Every movie, play, television shows, sports clubs and business houses resort to branding in the form of official merchandise from apparel to homeware which are now easily available.

Talk about brand merchandising, the power of a brand however vintage it is today talks much about its past existence. We study that when George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012, no one ever knew that a brand such as that which in total ran a 7 series movie was seen as a diminishing brand and is today one of the highest selling brand merchandise in the world from masks, lightsabers, robots and costumes, Disney has it all.  But that’s Star Wars, the father of all!

Writing this article, we recall the very first instance of a brand merchandise as a kid, while watching the first of the Jurassic park series. Remember the main center in the movie where all the toys were kept? Jurassic Park merchandise has also been one of the most sought of after Star Wars right from the 1990’s.

Look at the vintage comics today, such high demand! Be it in café walls or even a teenager’s bedroom, some comics that his father used to read as a kid has special place in the heart of the walls of his own bedroom.

Brands sure do know how to deal with the interest and emotions of the current generation. Keeping in mind the Warner Bros sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S that ended over a decade ago has its merchandise all over the world even today and at a good cost, easily available on multiple platforms and mind you, officially licensed. Yes! Being the most loved television show today which aired over 20 years ago and been off the silver screen for exactly 12 years now, phew! The creators are sure making a fortune out of it the aftermaths.

Yes, winter came all over E-commerce and the online merchandising platform and sure is making the most of it! Game of Thrones that started five years ago is making the most of every season. It sure is astonishing how this mythical television show gets every word, dialogue, star cast and even prop as their merchandise and making a good selling out of it, especially with the all the hype and hullabaloo over all social media platforms.

Minions – yes the hot shot of 2015! The minions made it large through heavy merchandising with soft toys and others at various outlets at easily affordable prices. Look at McDonalds as an example, a minion with every happy meal boosted the awareness and was an immense rage, though it was not well received by parents in India or countries, the minions were a rage surrounding the months of the official movie release.

Indian Brands! We all know how cinema has capitalized on merchandising as early as Krrish in 2006 to RaOne in 2011, these brands have done well with their official goodies. Only recently we saw Salman Khan selling the Bajrangi Bhaijaan pendant for an awfully high price on e-commerce platforms. Such is the demand of movie and pop culture merchandise today! Hence, its only justified when we say that Merchandising is the Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Brand.

Image courtesy: Google