Anyone who grew up with siblings knows how it goes. The love runs as deep as the rivalry does, it’s only natural. Our siblings are our first real competition in life. The good news is that those rivalries feed into our competitive spirit and help with our ability to forge social relationships later in life.

Studies show that sibling rivalry is natural and healthy, and that our social understanding and development is accelerated by that interaction. Additionally, our siblings are our natural allies. Siblings are often on the same wavelength and the time spent playing together helps to develops their mental state. When researchers observed siblings deep in pretend play it showed that they were discussing their thoughts and feelings in depth. Even in bouts of sibling rivalry the younger sibling was being exposed to more mature language, thus enriching their education.

So, when you think back to all of the fights that you had with your sibling, you can smile fondly at the fact that you were either teaching or learning a lesson. Like we needed a researcher to tell us that.

That bond sticks. It lasts forever, and let’s face it- it’s the first friendship that we make. It’s how we learn how to interact socially and forge bonds. As we grow older and move out on our own chasing freedom, we drift apart. It’s only inevitable, as we become busy with our own lives, work, friends, and building our own families.

That doesn’t mean we lose all touch, because that bond never goes away, and there’s nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane. When it comes to Diwali presents, birthday gifts, or just a token of your love- Gingercrush has the perfect line of gifts for you to choose from. There are plenty of selections to choose from, and the best part is that you can personalise them.

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As we reach adulthood our rivalries fade away and the friendship takes deep roots. We enjoy gentle ribbing and winding our siblings up by offering genuine presents with a personalised touch. Nothing says I’m thinking about you more than a set of personalised coasters, or putting a memorable picture on a canvas.  

Who wouldn’t want a memento of childhood, that gives us a reminder of happy memories every time we lay eyes on it?