It’s important to accessorize your home. Accessorizing your home showcases your style and personality. A great way to accessorize your home while showing the true elements of your personality is by purchasing personalized products for your home. Personalized products are the perfect way to showcase your creative ideas and decorative style. Here are a few perfect:

1) Mugs

The easiest product to personalize is drinkware, such as mugs. Drinkware companies have been attempting to create relatable designs and phrases on drinkware for as long as we can remember. But, there’s no better way to showcase your personality, beliefs, or creativity, than by personalizing your own mugs.

2) Coasters

Another popular item to personalize is coasters. Put a picture of yourself and loved ones on the coaster, or create a unique phrase or drawing that captures your personality.

3) Cushion Covers

If you had trouble finding the perfect cushion covers for the throw pillows on your couch, chair, or bed? If so, try personalizing them. Personalized cushion covers don’t have to come from expensive stores, such as Lilly Pulitzer or Pottery Barn. Instead, check out Gingercrush, an affordable and unique personalized item service.

4) Aprons

Bring your own creativity and flare into the kitchen by personalizing your own apron! You can even personalize aprons for each of your family members or friends. This is especially a good idea for people who love to cook with loved ones.

5) Photo Frames and Wall Canvas

One of the best ways to capture what means the most to you, and what inspires you, is by displaying photo frames and wall canvas. In order to enhance the personal element to photo frames and wall canvas, personalize them. Instead of using cheap quality services check out Gingercrush!

6) Serving Trays

Small detailed objects, such as serving trays, create the aesthetic of the room, design, and overall home. By simply personalizing a serving tray, guests will be able to see a glimpse into your style and personality.

7) Beer Mugs

There’s no better way to drink than to drink in personalized style. Drinking at home with friends and family can be difficult when you have a set of carbon copy glasses. Instead of using cheap red solo cups, or taking the risk of accidentally switching a drink with someone, personalize your beer mugs! If you only drink with the people in your household, personalize a beer mug for each member in your house. If you plan on having different guests over, personalize a few differently themed beer mugs.

8) Magnets

The easiest and cutest object to personalize are magnets. Whether they admit it or not, everyone looks at the magnets on a refrigerator. Refrigerator magnets are like the windows of the soul, as they easily display what’s important to the members of a household.

9) Bathroom Sets

Bathrooms should be personalized to your desire and comfort. In order to bring a level of style and creativity to your bathroom, try personalizing all the basic items within your bathroom such as, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.

All of the above products can be personalized and purchased at Gingercrush. Explore the above objects, and other personalized products, here.