Birthdays are always special. Whether you are turning 5 or 50, it’s always important to welcome the new chapter of your life with style. However, many people stop celebrating birthdays as they get older. They give it far less attention and prefer to pass announced or with a small celebration. This should not be. This should be a happy time to celebrate, remember the good old times and catch up with friends and family. If you achieved a milestone in your life, consider the following milestone birthday party ideas for your big day.

Recreate your childhood birthday parties:

Recreating does not necessarily mean wearing a Cinderella dress, but having as much fun as you did in your early birthday parties. Even at 50, you can have as much fun as a three-year-old. Don’t just eat, drink and talk with your buddies. Look for some fun things to do. Consider planning a party full of games, matching outfits, lots of candy and cake. You can play games that are most appropriate for your age mates like cards. Also, make a good music CD and dance with your friends just like in the good old days.

Personalize everything:

Another great party idea is to get everything personalized. Consider the following:

1. Cards: Order cute and personalized birthday invitation cards for all your friends. Choose a cool message and have your photo on the card. They will be thrilled to accept the invitation when they see your cool invitation cards.

2. T-shirts or caps: Another good idea is to have some t-shirts or caps made with a picture or birthday wish. Let all your guests wear these during the party. It will be so much fun.

3. Mugs and shot glasses: You can also get personalized mugs and shot glasses for your big day. Have some custom made or decorated depending on the number of guests you are expecting at the party.

Don't forget to give them gifts:

To appreciate your friends’ response to the invitation, you should consider sending them off with gifts when the party is over. Again you can be cool and make this personalized if possible. Give them something that they will remember they got on your 50th birthday. You don’t have to do something big. Just something to say that you did appreciate their presence. Some gift ideas to consider include:

- Gift bags stuffed with candy

- Music CDs (take time to make them yourself)

- Golf balls

- Pen Drives

- Personalized Cookie Jars with cookies

- Gift cards