I switched to the television channel and there he stood, my icon, my childhood hero. In between growing up I lost him, I ignored him and moved on to other heroes who had charmed me with their magic. Mickey was my monotony. My life started with him and ended with him as a 6-year-old and looking at him today perform over the television I went into a flashback. I remember the time when I hurried from school to my grandparent’s place being served snacks in the evening in front of the television set, sitting in a disciplined manner just to make sure that my past nuisance of the day or week doesn’t cause a hindrance to those 30 minutes that I hated to be disturbed. The birthdays with his photo on the cake or even tiny mickey toffees we received during birthdays. It brought back some memories, talking to classmates about the characters or what happened the other day.

Today as a 24-year-old working professional its more than impossible to make time to watch these shows on TV except that if you co incidentally run by it while switching channels but then there was one thing that could help me keep my memories, my roots, my childhood intact.

I was running through the web and I came across websites that sell the officially licensed merchandise of Mickey and Friends. On searching for the same, I found a range of merchandise that I could choose from but I loved the T-shirts the most. These designs are quite childish I thought to myself, I cannot buy these, or even wear them to work. There was a range of merchandise and products that tempted me to buy them but that’s when I found T-shirts that had designs of my childhood hero that were not very childish but with a blend of youthful colours I could wear when I was out with my girlfriend or even while having a drink with my group. And then my choices went haywire seeing the array of products and designs available to me. As an avid fan of wall art and interiors I saw vintage mickey on mounted canvas prints on gingercrush.com. The best part about this was that I didn’t have to bother about the framing, it comes to me all ready. Thus I had a value add to my bedroom. That’s when I understood that my eternal love for mickey cannot be shown on television because he now lives with me. He is in my wardrobe and on my wall. I often wear the Mickey T-shirt I chose to work, especially towards the end of the week. The canvas print that I purchased has been safely lodged on the wall behind my bed.

It was my boss’s son’s first birthday and I was rather confused as to what to gift him. This was around the same time I purchased the canvas and T-shirt. On investigation I found out that available to me were a range of Mickey Mouse soft toys, rattles and a cake mould. This made me happy. While I gifted the cake mould to my boss’s wife, a nice Mickey soft toy lay right next to the tiny tot on his bed. This not only helped me bring back my memories but helped me make a memory of an infant’s first birthday and I was happy.

I don’t feel bad about not being able to watch the show anymore. Time moves on but you have various alternatives to deal with your past. Technology has it and so does innovation at the same time and thanks to technology and e-commerce that I could relive my childhood days with official mickey mouse merchandise with me now.

Tapan Sabharwal – Our Happy Customer