As the wedding season hits, everyone is in a hush bush to plan everything. But most importantly it’s about the hen party that girlfriends would like to throw for their bride a couple of days before the big day. Hen parties are usually celebrated to mark the end of singlehood and the days of fun. So, with this party all of that is ended on a crazy note. You can plan the best and the craziest hen party for your girlfriend. This is how you can go about it.

First thing first, decide who you want to invite. Either make it a trio of the three of you or a party inviting all the girls you know right from school, college or her workplace. Once you have a brief idea about how many people are going to attend you can accordingly decide where you want to throw the party. Do you want to throw it at a pub, a night club, a party hall or it can be a house party which is always the best option. Even a destination hen party can do in reasonable destinations such as Goa, Kerala or even up north on the hills. It can be within the country or even outside if it suits your budget. You can create invitations on in bulk for this occasion and have them dropped off at your door step. Once that is decided you need to create a checklist of the various elements you would bring together. This includes the decorations, props, food, drinks, games and much more. Make the party glittery, happening and the talk for a while.

Buy a sash for the bride and the bridesmaids but this can be extended to all the other attendees of the party as well. You can have the nicknames imprinted on them or even titles given to the girls. A tiara is a must for the bride. Once these are on, you can begin with the games, food and drinks. These fun games can include the Dare-to-do-List, spin the bottle or even an interesting game of poker would do.

It’s time to bring on the big cake. There are a lot of independent bakers out there how make the craziest and the most exotic cakes that are best for these occasions. You can have whatever you want written on them and in whatever shape you’d like it in. For the special bottoms up session during the party you can have customized shot glasses. You can even buy beer mugs for the drinks. You can also arrange for badges that can be memos for the party and a sort of a take away for the girls. These badges can have lines printed on them such as ‘Tanvi’s Hen Party December 22, 2016.

You can have a lot of fun ways to make the evening memorable, the points above are just a glimpse of what you can do. Click a lot of photos, eat, party, dance, play games and make some of the best memories.