We often wonder which is the happiest time in the world, while there are several now, as a school going kid Christmas was my favorite.

People who did grow up in a Christian school would be very aware of verses and lessons from the bible about humanity and goodwill. For us the days growing closer to the festival of joy were the best. How as students we would do everything to make the classroom look the best with decorations, cotton to show as snow and much more.

It was till primary school when we had an all funded Christmas party and then everything changed. By the time we reached high school I was a part of the most notorious class in the school. Times changed in school and so did the party scenes. Being the bandits of the school we decided to throw ourselves an illegal class party in the middle of the day and it was a successful one with cakes, floss, foam all over the classroom and decorations. We had created a human pyramid in class and it was a good time. Surely you have always had fun at those parties but we can for a change use these tips to celebrate Christmas with the less privileged and then make a difference:

Activity 1: Decorative Craft

A small activity can be conducted where the kids can be asked to create decorations for the orphanage for Christmas and new year where you can encourage them to make some amazing art pieces like cut outs of Santa, his reindeer, baby Jesus in his manger, Christmas balls and decoratives for the Christmas tree, a huge chart with Merry Christmas painted on it and much more.

Activity 2: Secret Santa

A few days before the day you can also play secret Santa in the usual way and all of them can secretly make greeting cards for their secret child with secret and sweet messages, small pieces of craft designed and cut out perfectly. Children are curious and the less privileged are always grateful to the tinniest of happiness.

Activity 3: Performing Art by the kids

You could engage the children and prepare dances, songs, poetry and an elocution of what they want this Christmas from Santa Claus and what they want to be when they grow up. While this could go well I am sure you will have one kid in the crowd who would be a master of mimicry and could make everyone laugh.

Apart from this you can also organize a treasure hunt on the day of the party where you can hide gifts all over the yard for the children and on the whistle, they had to go look for their respective gifts with names on it. Here each gift can have a chocolate with it and items like tiffin boxes, pencil boxes, pencils, stationary, water bottles which you can get at a good deal only on gingercrush.com.

It can be a day of fun and laughter, kids greedy for candy and a 3-tier cake. You can decorate the orphanage and give it a lively feel and make a big difference this Christmas.