Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. - Rabindranath Tagore

Imagine a KinderCare without children, a school without children, a park without children or just think about your life without them. As once said, “be the change you want to see in the world”, children are the changes that come into this planet as a blessing in disguise. As parents, educators and children lovers the onus is on us to make their childhood the smartest, happening but nothing more than the happiest, it’s what that moulds them in the future.A happy childhood leads to a smart and happy future.

As children’s day is approaching educators plan on making the event big in their schools. While activities like dance, music, skits along with candies and other eateries. A cherry on the cake would be fine gifting solutions for children in the schools. We all know students then come in their own colored attire, for high school children a live photo booth could be set up and customized school frames could be used to frame the photograph with the class name and a tag line that describes them the most. Badges to differentiate the batches (Class 10D – 2016).

Decorate the kindergarten with toys, soft toys and activities that could go on for a couple of hours with their favorite cartoons such as Mickey, Minnie, Hello Kitty and more. Children in primary departments could have fun activities throughout the day. One of them could be a memory quiz. Gingercrush.com has a special game for children called Chimp Challenge. It’s not just simple but fun and engaging too!

Step 1: One participant has to look at the picture side and is given 10 seconds to memorize what is in it.

Step 2: Once the participant memorizes it he passes the card onto the opponent.

Step 3: The participant now answers the question according to the number rolled e.g. Dice rolls number 5 so the opponent will ask question 5.

Step 4: If the player answers the questions correctly he/she can keep the card. if not, the card is returned to the box.

This game is spread across various categories. There are specific games which include topics like Animals, History, Math’s, World, My First Vocabulary and many more. Not only does it increase your general knowledge but also helps test and sharpen your memory. It is also spread across age groups for children.

While this could be a good engagement activity you can also provide gifts to children on this special day like tiffin boxes, water bottles, crayons, stationary sets, mouse pads for the computer science students and crayons and pastels for art students.

For the various competitions that are going to be held in the campus various other gifts can be given out like school bags, mugs, notebooks and writing pads. Gifts that can be a value add to a student’s life.

It’s a happy day for everyone, for children and for the world as we celebrate the birthday of a freedom fighter, our first prime minister and someone who didn’t want to be remembered for his career but for his love for children.