Most of the people when shift to a new house and office are totally unable to decide how they should decorate their place to make it more beautiful, attractive and gorgeous. Of course, home is the only place where you are going to spend a lot of time and it should be decorated in such a way that can make you want to get back there.

When I shifted to my new home after marriage, I decorated it with striking paintings and it really made my house look like a beautiful home. When me and my husband were deciding to decorate the house we had a lot of options like decoration pieces, paintings, new furniture etc. but personally I wanted my home to look simple but beautiful and in that case me and my husband decided to go with wall paintings. In the case of wall paintings we had a lot of options. Like one painter was showing us oil paintings, another one was showing us acrylic paintings and so on. In the end we came to know that oil, pastel, acrylic, enamel, digital, ink and watercolor are different types used for paintings. We decided to go with digital paintings because I liked them and it also gave me an option to have a digital print of my wedding picture on the canvas. Yes, you have read it right, DIY designs. That is the most beautiful choice for anyone who wants to put their personal pictures in the form of art decoration, like I did with my wedding pictures.

These wall decorations can transform your house into a beautiful place, especially when you have moved into your first apartment (like in my case) and you don’t have a lot of space and money to spend on expensive decorative things, which also requires a lot of space. If you search you will easily find those expensive decorative things. The biggest advantage I found about using canvas paintings is that they save a lot of space in the apartment and will make your house a place where you will actually want to spend time with your special ones. The most special thing about creating your own designs is that it gives your house a unique and special appearance. You can show your own interest with the help of DIY designs. I mean when a friend and relative will visit your house they will see something they would not have seen anywhere else. Isn’t it amazing? Of course it is.

When I was buying a DIY work of art for myself, I also saw different varieties of art available on They were all so beautiful and I was fully convinced, that the entire collection being offered was made by international and expert artists. I mean what else does a person want when they can easily get the most beautiful piece of art for his/her home at just one place and I really appreciate Gingercrush for that. I have just told you about my choice but here you will also find the best digital prints for your kids as well. For boys - superheroes, and for girls - Barbie and Frozen wall art designs were present.

The best thing I found about these decorations is that they are one of the best options to gift someone. You want to give someone a gift on their anniversary, just use a DIY option and make them a painting to show and give good wishes. This DIY can also be used for different festivals and occasions.

Paintings can be very attractive for art lovers as it is not always possible to buy original art, and these digital prints on canvas can give the pleasure to enjoy the art. They are reliable and budget friendly. There is no doubt that they will make your home look very spacious, large and airy.

People like to change the look of their homes regularly and here again, digital canvas prints are very reliable. You can order new prints when you get bored of the old ones. You can put the old ones in your storerooms and then use them whenever you feel like. It is very difficult to replace old decoration pieces because they are expensive and take more space in the store rooms as well. I really find it difficult to place the decoration pieces in a store room as they can break as well. So digitally printed canvas wall art are reliable in every matter whether it’s their price, their replacement, and their storage space.

People usually spend a lot of money on buying expensive decorative things but forget the grace and beauty of simplicity. I mean what is the purpose of spending thousands of rupees on decoration when you are not even satisfied with it. Simple decoration attracts people. When you spend your whole day working in the office, running here and there to achieve the goals, then at the end of the day a simple and graceful home is what you need. Gorgeous canvas paintings provide your home that beauty and give you happiness.

- Ruchi Malhotra (Our Happy Customer)