We were holding hands and staring at the walls against the staircase. Those thoughts, the fights, the memories, slangs and abuses were still echoing in my ears. Where did my childhood go? He was right next to me, my real better half, my brother.

I remember the day mum put him on my lap, it was the best feeling ever. Those first 2 years I thought were the best moments with him. He then grew and became the most irritating boy in the history of the planet. As a girl and as a the elder one I always had the upper hand and was always successful in proving him wrong or in giving him a mouthful. I would be the first to report his naughty happenings in school to dad but would always keep his darkest of secrets to myself especially when he got into a fight, had a girlfriend or his numerous breakups. He annoyed the hell out of me that I could kill him. Pulled my choti when mum got me ready for school and it was the worst pull ever and I would screech so loud that it was eventually a morning alarm for my father.

As the years passed by we both parted and walked our own paths. While I was a successful interior designer he was doing well as a Web Developer. Our talks minimized but were always in each other’s thoughts.

Its Bhai Dooj today and he visited me in Mumbai where I currently reside. I realized that our childhood was just an ordinary one but had its own uniqueness. I am independent and I could afford things for myself unlike times in college that I never had enough money to buy him a gift for his birthday or for an occasion like this. With work which goes on for 15 hours a day I realized that I couldn’t find enough time to visit a store to buy something for him, but even with the least number of stores that I visited I never found something that would make his day so I decided to spend some time online to see something worth the while when I realized that I could give him a blend of EVERYTHING CUSTOMIZED from gingercrush.com.

So this what I did. I bought him a set of pin badges which had a few titles which I gave him, namely: the world’s most troublesome brother, the most idiotic brother along with the most loving brother title haha! I gifted him a T-shirt with his favorite one liner ‘babaji ka thullu’. I knew he stayed in a studio apartment so as interior designer I thought that his wall would do good with some memories of his, especially that when his pant tore in school and he was crying his heart out, only that now he laughs about it. He wouldn’t like this but you think I care?

I gifted him a framed photo of us, another one with mom and dad and a huge wall canvas which had our family photo with our house rules incorporated in it too, most of which were followed by both of us not after the age of 14.

I believe that giving a customized gift doesn’t just solve all your gifting purposes but in a family it always keeps you connected, helps you realize your roots and where you come from, because you are today because of what you were yesterday. And I can openly say this even with him reading this article that he is 25 and I am 30 today and this Bhai Dooj we are closer than what we were before we set out on our own different journeys.