"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

                                                                                                                                                            - Pablo Picasso

They say artists are different. An artist has a unique way of bringing his or her creativity out into the world. A lot of them find it difficult to share and get their art acknowledged and making people realize the worth of their creations.

  • Creativity is a gift given to everyone, how it is expressed is what is noticed.
  • Nothing always has to be ‘perfect’. You are an artist and this is your view and this is how you have imagined things.
  • Travel as much as you can, that’s where your creative juices flow.
  • You can always experiment with colours and materials.
  • Draw whatever comes to your head, good or bad. There is no limitation.

Here are a few tips that you could use to bring the artist in you out in the open and for the world to see.

  • Figure out what you are good at the most. You might be good at doodling or even sketching. Once that is sorted, you will get a sense of direction about what you want to do.
  • Create a portfolio of your paintings and take it along with you. This is useful while networking. Describe the dimensions, the medium (canvas, paper) and the type of colors (oil, water, acrylic). Keep copies of your paintings with you which can be used for gifting purposes. Merchandise like bookmarks can be created and kept for special occasions. People remember you when you give them mementos.
  • Make sure you create a strong network. Network of people in your field, outside your field and people who value your work. They will be the ones who will show you a direction about how to go about things in the right way with their connections and knowledge of the industry.
  • You can exhibit your artwork in a prestigious event where people from the art fraternity can view and purchase your work. You can always approach galleries which will be ready display your artwork. These galleries have art lovers, critics, journalists visiting them all the time. If you are present there, you have a high chance of being noticed.
  • While the above points were activities that you could do on a day to day basis, a digital presence is also very important. Being on social media is vital because that is one of the most used platforms today. You can share your artwork on your Facebook page and Pinterest. Add your contact details on Facebook which will make you more accessible.
  • You can also visit E-commerce sites that allow you to sell your designs on various merchandise. Gingercrush.com has a specific section called MakersTakers where you can design and sell products available on the website. When an order is placed, they print and deliver it to the customer and you don’t have to spend a single penny. Sit at home and enjoy profits.
  • If you are good at wall painting, make use of your free time by beautifying the abandoned walls in your city with environmental messages, cityscapes or abstract compositions.
  • Knowledge is wealth. Once you feel that you have achieved a little something from the outer world with your masterpieces you can always consider teaching. There are schools where children love such co-curricular activities. You can always have interactive sessions and conduct competitions. Reward them with goodies and tiny gifts.

Finally, it’s you who can make a difference. There will be people who will understand your art while there might be people who might discourage you. In the end, it is your art and your expression and that is what matters the most.