Did you just celebrate a huge success but didn't feel the same enthusiasm in your friends & family / team? Did you just spend a lot of money in throwing a party of the year, only to have it fall flat with just no participation from those who were supposed to be ‘Happy’, for your success? then maybe you didn't follow the 3 Golden Rules of Celebration.

Let's get the facts clear -  Celebration is in acknowledging the spirit, the energy & the Intention in accomplishing a task by yourself or your team with the ones that matter.

We often confuse a grand expensive party, or an expensive gift as the appropriate way to thank those that were behind our success, little knowing that a genuine and heartfelt acknowledgement is all that is required.

Now that we have your attention, let's get straight to the rules

Golden rule no   #1: Recognise

Recognise & appreciate, every individual's contribution to the success, however small it might be, acknowledge that it's the small victories win the war, so go ahead and celebrate every small win, and appreciate the person/people who did it.  

We at Gingercrush just celebrated our 1st Birthday, and we did with huge aplomb, our celebration started by acknowledging you, our customers and your support, and guess what you did, you made the celebration even bigger by making our Birthday video viral, almost 60 thousand people joined the party in wishing Gingercrush Happy Birthday.

Golden Rule # 2: Involve

Our employees celebrated the first birthday by sharing their successes and struggles with each other, we sang and danced and played a very competitive game of dumb charades we cheered each other till our throats went sore and realised, we made it through the 1st year and this party, we live every day, won’t be the same if even one of us was missing.

Guess the team sums it well when they say:

Mansha from Marketing

From Learning every day to new ideas, interacting with likeminded people, wouldn’t like to change one bit of it. Just love being a part of my Gingercrush family.

Sheetal from the creative team

I have grown so much professionally and my confidence is soaring. I know it’s a place where I can grow everyday.

So it's important that you Involve every contributor whether a parent / teacher / team member in your journey from the beginning, share every up and down, share the Journey to the success.

Golden rule no # 3: Reward

A reward can be a heartfelt praise, a treat, a high -five, or a token of appreciation, any genuine and immediate effort to recognise goes a long way in showing your gratitude.

We, at Gingercrush look at fostering a culture of appreciation, where we appreciate each other, colleagues included, for a job well done, and along the journey we learnt that if we appreciate the small stuff, the celebrations take care of themselves

So start using the golden rules and see the difference, it's no fun when u party alone, get the ones who matter to be your fans and celebrate your success with you.