‘Do what you love and the business will follow’ – Michael Fortin

We at Gingercrush feel that every mind is creative in some form or the other and we feel that creativity in every mind needs to come out and be respected. Gingercrush.com is all about perspectives, wit, thoughts and snippet of our daily lives. You will find a blend of all of that with us. It is our vision to make the happiest of individuals because that we believe is the nature of our services, to make happy customers. Our creativity defines us. We aim at making people happy. Our survival strategy -  One Happy Customer equals to one happy life.


Our People

People at Gingercrush are not just developers, administrators, designers, marketers or business minds we are also inventors, creative geeks and maniacs who want to create the wildest features that make us happy. We feel that any natural instinct that makes us happy is something that would make you happy.

Our people are motivated with one truth that was told to them. The foundation stone was already laid long ago; we’re now building a skyscraper.

“With great power comes great responsibility”, as rightly put together by The Ultimate Spiderman once upon a time and with this started a dream in early 2011 when we first ventured into the field of licensing and the rest is as we say history. Innovative ideas kept coming with time bringing in fresh blood of fast thinkers and doers making the Gingercrush family bigger and stronger.


MakersTakers: You Create – You Promote – You Profit

With an aim to bring out in the open creativity, MakersTakers is a garden of thoughts, perspectives, way of life of artists, photographers and designers from different walks of life, who are telling a story to the world through their eyes.

Its only you who knows the value of your work, that is why Gingercrush offers MakersTakers as an ideal platform where you are given the liberty to showcase your worth and the cost of your efforts. It is that foundation stone for all those aspiring shutterbugs, painters, new-gen entrepreneurs and creative geeks to set up their own private store and make wonders out of it. Three words summarize this -



At Gingercrush, we offer you an innovative on demand retail platform where you can instantly shop, create or customize products to fit your personal style and taste. We bring your inborn originality to life, with our huge range of products that express you in your own unique way.


Gingercrush is a work in progress. We will keep adding new designs, brands and products to make your shopping experience a memorable one!